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Grundfos CMB SP pump



Grundfos CMB SP, CMBE, KP, SB Pumps

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DescriptionPriceCH Equivalent
CMBasic 1-36$559CH2-30PC 
CMBasic 3-37$ 579CH2-50PC
CMBasic 5-46$ 749CH4-50PC
CMB SP 1-36$ 585CH2-30PC 
CMB SP 3-28$ 719 
CMB SP 3-37$ 739CH2-50PC
CMB SP 3-47$ 819CH2-60PC
CMB SP 3-56$ 859 
CMB SP 5-28$ 849 
CMB SP 5-47$ 1025CH4-50PC
CMBE 1-44$ 1199 
CMBE 3-62$ 1399 
CMBE 5-62$ 1990
SBA 3-35A$ 799 
SBA 3-45A$ 899 
Unilift KP150 A 1$ 369 
Unilift KP 250 A 1$ 419 
Unilift KP 350A 1$ 519 

Water Pumps

We are so confident Grundfos pumps are the most reliable on the market that we are offering free double warrantee.(NOW 4 YEARS WARRANTEE)

*Customers will need to register their purchase online to take advantage of extended warranty at www.grundfos.com.au

The CMB Booster is a horizontal multistage centrifugal pump designed for domestic and light industrial applications. It is suitable for pressure boosting from above ground rainwater tanks and from mains water. Note: CMBasic is cast iron and different to CMB which is stainless steel.

CMB 1-36 (1-4), CMB 3-27 (3-3), CMB 3-37 (3-4), CMB 3-46 (3.5), CMB 5-27 (5-3), CMB 5-37 (5-4), CMB 5-47 (5-5) note: descriptions have changed eg. (1-4) is now 1-36

CME 1-49, CME 3-37, CME 3-50, CME 5-58




The Grundfos CM Booster, is controlled by the new Grundfos Pressure Manager, features dry run protection with auto-restart and built in thermal protection.

The CM pumps wet components are all constructed from 304 Stainless Steel, and both the pump and Pressure Manager have been certified to comply to the Australian and New Zealand standard for products in contact with drinking water - ATS/NZ 5200.030 and AS/NZS 4020 .

 Like its predecessor, the Grundfos CH, the CM is one of the quietest pumps on the market.

 The Grundfos Pressure Manager (PM) is a compact control unit especially designed for domestic water supply pumps.

 The PM sets new standards for integration of functionality and intelligence in domestic pump controls.

 There are two versions of the Pressure Manager – PM1 and PM2. Both the PM1 and PM2 feature some great protective functions including dry-running protection and cycling alarm.

 They have also both been specifically designed for use with generators.

 For installations in confined spaces, or where there is extensive pipe work, the PM1 and PM2 can be freely positioned as the flow switch uses a spring as a return mechanism instead of gravity – meaning that orientation is not a problem.

 The Grundfos PM1 adds an extra degree of control to domestic pressure boosting when used in    conjunction with a CM pump. The PM is equipped with an integrated flow switch to optimise operations and ensure maximum protection for the pump.

 In addition, the flow switch serves as a non-return value, resulting in a considerable reduction in pressure loss compared to traditional non-return value and flow switch solutions.

 The PM2 offers an entirely new and improved opportunity for pressure measurement as it integrates a pressure sensor from Grundfos Direct Sensors ™. The sensor supplies continuous information of the pressure in the system, enabling installers and end-users to read current pressure on a LED display, adjust the starting pressure (between 1.5 and 5 bar) and start and stop the pump according to pressure.

 The PM2 also features options of a maximum continuous operating time (30 minutes) and an auto reset function.

 Another key feature of the CM Booster with PM2 is that it can be optimised for operation with large external pressure tanks by enabling the 1 bar differential pressure functionality, significantly reducing operating hours.



Grundfos unilift KP sump pump


grundfos CME Booster Pump image

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