NetBeat™ Control System

Introducing NetBeat™All in One Irrigation Control System

This irrigation and fertigation control system is easy to use digital farming at its best

With real time information available on soil moisture, crop status and also weather conditions, this is an all in one digital control system compatible with your mobile phone , desk top and tablet

This system will efficiently help to deliver the right amount of water and fertilizer to grow healthy crops while lowering costs

The NetBeat can generate daily irrigation strategies that can be customized to your crops needs to help with efficiency

Smarter Irrigation Solutions are for all growers

This NetBeat irrigation and fertigation solution is suitable for all growers from  small farmers and vineyards to corporate farming businesses 

The Cloud based software will allow for 3rd party data integration and remote access

The modular system can be selected to suit your budget and can be upgraded to grow along with your business needs 

Talk to us about your vineyard irrigation and fertigation requirements and along with industry leaders we can help come up with an efficient solution for your business


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