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Make cleaning your pool easier and spend less time by doing the following:

  • Add AFM activated filter media to your sand filter. It will not start to diminish in effectiveness from the first use as sand does, AFM will trap & expel more contaminants from your pool
  • Add an automatic robotic pool cleaner. The most popular one that we sell is the Maytronics Dolphin. A great time saver as you only need to clean out the cleaner, not the whole pool
  • Add ACO this amplifies the effect of the chlorine in the pool. Saving work for the chlorinator, this product is a chlorine stabilizer and can be used in place of cyanuric acid or sunscreen which will diminish the effectiveness of the chlorine at high levels
  • Keep your filter clean. Back wash regularly to remove the contaminants. Remember all pool water passes through the filter system, so you need to get rid of the contaminants before they make their way back to your pool

The less chemicals you are swimming in the better it will be for you & your family.

Innovative Products

Irrigation Works are proud to recommend and sell swimming pool products that are innovative cost saving over time but most importantly healthly to use, when used correctly. AFM, ACO & APF is manufactured by Dryden Aqua, a Scottish company that started out as marine biologists with a goal to extend the life of marine animals in captivity.

The Ultimate is to swim in drinking water

You cant get better than this. Eco-friendly chemicals & healthy air

Biologically & Environmentaly Friendly Products 

We believe that over all the products we have looked at in the Australian market, nothing is as thoughtful and as environmentally friendly as the products developed by Dryden Aqua so we now bring these products in from Scottland.

Dr. Dryden, founder of Dryden Aqua is one of the worlds leading experts in sustainable water treatment.

Sanitary security

A pool or spa is a great compliment for a beautiful day, especially when its hot. Keeping your pool sparkling clean should not difficult, nobody wants to play and swim in dirty water but more importantly your pool should never be the cause of illness. Dangerous organisms and contaminants are mostly invisible and can lead to eye, skin, stomach & ear infections, mostly mild but can be fatal. These organisms can come from humans, animals and birds or from the environment.

See us for Pool Water Testing

Your pool water should be treated so that it stays properly balanced, disinfected and sparkling clean. Irrigation Works can do a chemical test on your water which will give you accurate chlorine level, PH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, salt level and stabiliser level. All these chemical levels should fall within a certain range. Follow the steps below and we can help you to get this right for your pool

Call us now

If you are thinking about putting in a new pool filtration system or just replacing filter sand we can give you healthier more sustainable options that you may not have thought of yet.