Activated Filter Media (AFM)

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AFM filtration media in your pool filtration system instead of sand 

Activated Filter Media (AFM) is a direct replacement of sand into new or existing pool filters, When replaced it will double the performance of the filters without the need for upgrading infrastructure

Manufactured by Dryden Aqua, it is a highly engineered product, created from a specific type of glass and processed to the optimal shape and size before the activation process which increases the surface area by up to 300 times creating exceptional mechanical and electro-static filtration performance.

Sand on the other hand will need replacing as the performance will diminish with each use.

Used in Swimming pools AFM will reduce the amount of chemicals required. Less chemicals used are a healthier option and cost saving


  • more than doubles the perfomance of an existing filtration system
  • water used for back wash is reduced by an average of 50%
  • the demand for chlorine oxidation is substantially reduced
  • will not need to be replaced and is expected to last the life of the filtration system


Image Before and after - same pool 3 days apart only difference is AFM was used in the filtration with minimal chlorine added through a dosing system

Activated Filter Media (AFM)