AFM filter media

Independant Performance Tests

AFM® performed the best in independant performance tests, more than twice as good as sand or any of the crushed glass products

AFM® 1 will remove 95% of all particles down to 4 microns

Activated Filter Media (AFM) is a premium product & not the same as other crushed glass products 

Prevent bacteria, you wont need to kill as much. 

AFM® is a specialized activated glass media, produced by Dryden Aqua, a marine biological company. AFM® is used in swimming pools, waste water, irrigation filters and drinking water filtration. It can directly replace sand and effectively double the performance of the filter.

It does not need replacing and will last the life of the filter

How to use

AFM® is best used with three separate levels in a filter

  • 70% AFM1
  • 15% AFM2
  • 15% AFM3

Use 15% less AFM when replacing sand see FAQ

Comes pre-packaged in 25kg bags, the average size pool filter will require approx 8-10 bags

Used together with ACO and APF the chlorine demand will be lower and the effect can be swimming in drinking water.

For the ultimate in  health, comfort and ease of owning a pool consider the fully automated daisy swimming pool system

AFM is the preferred filter media used in irrigation filtration systems

About AFM®

AFM comes in 25kg bags

Delivery cost will vary depending on the qty required for your filter.

Please call us if you have any questions regarding AFM

Delivery charge of AFM will need to be quoted

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