Water Filter systems

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Water filtration is as important today as ever

We need to make sure our water is clear of contaminants for whatever the water use is

Drinking water filtration may have great health benefits as its not easy to see or even know what contaminants are in our water without have expensive tests done

Whether its from the rainwater tank out the back or weather its straight from the tap

Whole house system will ensure the water is also filtered for baths and showering, as water can penetrate the skin and you may be getting more than what you bargained for in terms of contaminants

Technology is making the replacement of domestic filter cartridges easy enough for anyone to DIY

Gone are the days of calling in service providers to change your filter as its just a matter of unscrewing the old and re-installing the new

With a huge choice of  filter options, drinking water is fast becoming the choice of beverage, replacing sweetened and fizzy drinks, its a step in the right direction for good health

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Water Filter systems