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The irrigation pump Adelaide experts

Get quality advice on the irrigation system that will best suit your job here at Irrigation Works. Whether you want to make your home gardening more efficient, pump rainwater into your house, or need to irrigate a thousand hectares of vineyard, we have everything you need. 

We offer sub-surface, drip systems, sprinklers and some of the best deals on transfer pumps Adelaide has to offer. From vineyards to landscaping and domestic gardens, we can match your application with the right irrigation pump. 

Choosing the right transfer pump

Pumps used for irrigation are many and varied and can cover a range of applications including water intake, water treatment and water distribution. Finding the best irrigation pump Adelaide has available for you depends on the type of irrigation system you have and how you operate it, as this will determine the pump performance that you require. For example, if you need to move high volumes of water at moderate pressure, a high capacity pump such as a transfer pump is an ideal choice. The types of transfer pump we sell in Adelaide at Irrigation Works provide high maximum flows, making them ideal for moving water quickly.

Smarter vineyard irrigation systems

Vineyard irrigation systems are a major investment, as energy efficiency and water savings contribute greatly to maximising vineyard profits. Therefore, they should be carefully planned and designed. Irrigation Works is proud to be Barossa & Clare's leading irrigation supply company for high quality pumping systems, water tanks, all kinds of valves, sprinklers, solenoids, drip line, water filters, water meters, PVC pipe, poly pipe, pipe fittings, irrigation controllers, and spare parts. Our philosophy is to provide the smartest and most efficient irrigation equipment that can be relied upon for the long term. 

Providing expert irrigation advice

Our team of irrigation professionals at Irrigation Works are dedicated to ensuring that you have the best products, service and advice so that you get the very best for your project. Whether it be vineyard irrigation, an orchard or a home landscape project, bring in your plans and measurements and we can discuss with you what you’re looking to achieve and help you to create a plan for your job. Even if you’re simply looking for DIY help to install an irrigation system yourself, you have come to the right place. Talk to our team of experts about equipment for any project.