Dolphin Pool Cleaner

  • Dolphin Pool Cleaner

Robotic Pool Cleaners, once you've tried it you'll never go back

Cleaning the pool can be a fun job.....if you sit by the pool and watch the cleaner do it for you

This cleaner has its own filter system so it will also be helping the pool filter do its job as well

So what will you need to do

You, master of this robot, will have to make sure it stays clean and in good working order. So you will have to bring it up from the water, take out the filters, squirt off the filters using hose will be fine, check for leaves, sticks or sometimes you might find a pile of hair stuck in the suction area. So get this out and your ready to go

Which model to choose

There are quite a few different models to choose from so it depends your budget, and what you are wanting the Dolphin to do for you. At Irrigation Works we find the M500 to be the most popular and that's because it does the walls, the floor it can be programmed to come on when you like and it can be controlled by your smart phone. Some models don't clean the walls and also can't be programmed to start automatically, which means you have to go out and switch them on

All models are available

Please contact us for a price 

Goods can be ordered online and collected directly from one of our stores

We have two locations

  • Nuriootpa 
  • Clare

We will let you know once goods are ready for collection

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