Grundfos CMBE TWIN 3-93

  • Grundfos CMBE TWIN 3-93

Introducing the new Grundfos CME Twin 3-93 Booster pump

This CME TWIN Booster automatically alternates between the pumps to evenly distribute the operating demand. Over time this will help to ensure a long life of the pump set

As with the other CME pumps this twin booster set is variable speed that will adjust to water demand and create constant pressure at the tap (upto capacity) which in turn saves on energy costs because the pump is not running flat out all the time

The Grundfos CME TWIN consists of two CME Booster pumps mounted together on a common base plate

How does this Grundfos water pump conserve energy?

The frequency controller of the CME Booster matches the power consumption with the required water output

The CME will protect its self in the event the water source runs out and will automatically stop the pump from operating. It will also be protected from accidental overload via built-in thermal protection

This pump is suited to smaller office buildings, schools, hospitals etc

Connection Kits are available for installation in

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