Round Team Poly Tanks

  • Round Team Poly Tanks

Small round Team Poly tanks - South Australia  Click here for rainwater pumps

Litres/GallonsDiameterInlet heightTotal heightOur Price
545L (120g)700mm1775mm1775mm$570
900L (200G)1150mm1165mm1165mm$660
1000L (220G)900mm2020mm2020mm$689
1000L SL2850mm1900mm1900mm$479
1600L (350G)1220mm1825mm1825mm


2300L (500G)1720mm1365mm1365mm$820
3000L (650G)1440mm2260mm2260mm$920
4500L Tall (1000G)1830mm1995mm2120mm$1060
4500Lsq (1000G)2250mm1460mm1550mm$1060

Big round Team Poly tanks - South Australia

Litres/GallonsDiameterInlet heightTotal heightOur price
5400L (1200G)2000mm2030mm2190mm$1079
8000L (1800G)2350mm2110mm2200mm$1890
9000L tall2570mm2180mm2300mm$1950
13500 (3000G)2805mm2360mm2580mm$2180

Bigger round tanks - South Australia

Litres/GallonsDiameterInlet heightTotal heightour price
22500L tall3530mm2530mm2670mm$2799
22500 sqt3730mm2410mm2580mm$2799
22500L (ssr)3530mm2530mm2880mm$2799
27000L (6000G)3970mm2570mm2750mm$3360
40950L (9000G)4400mm2420mm2800mm$5520
50050L (11000G04400mm3030mm3420mm$7250

Irrigation Works has been selling Team Poly Rainwater tanks to customers in Adelaide and  South Australia regions for over 15 years. In that time we have found round poly tanks to be a very popular choice and our prices always very competitive. The most popular size for the rural areas is the 22,500L or 5,000 gallons. If you are looking to have your tank installed we can do that for you too. Call us with your details and we can give you a quote.

The next step is to think about water filtration to help keep your tank water safe. There are many different options for filters, but its worth while to safely use all that rainwater that you have collected. We also recommend the use of the product Tanksafe for drinking water

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