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Inefficient pump motors, holes in bore column and rusty pipes are just some of the issues that result in higher power consumption. The cost of this high consumption can quickly add up to a substantial amount if you don’t deal with it quickly. To avoid these extra costs related to underperforming pumps, we recommend that your bore is serviced regularly. Servicing your bore pump and piping can help reduce your power consumption and increase the efficiency of your bore. The majority of problems that develop with submersible pumps can be corrected without the need to pull the pump from the well.

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If you’re looking replace a bore pump in Adelaide or need to install one for the first time, we can help with this too. Grundfos well pumps have become some of the most reliable products available on the market. Homeowners and property managers across the globe have come to depend on Grundfos groundwater pumps to increase their efficiency and ensure that water pressure remains at an optimal level. Grundfos is now one of the largest pump manufacturers in the world, and their pumps work in a diverse range of settings.

Irrigation Works have proudly sold and serviced Grundfos well pumps in Adelaide for more than two decades. Our technicians are well versed in Grundfos SQ/SQE pumps, and we carry a complete line of Grundfos pump models, so we can help you find the exact product you need for any application. Browse through the range of Grundfos well pumps available below. 

Is your pump working overtime

Leaking pipes mean your pump is working overtime to pump the required amount of water. This in turn means that your bore pump is also going to wear quicker and is likely to fail sooner than it otherwise would have.

Maintaining regular servicing canhelp to ensure that your bore is at its most efficient at all times of theyear.

Bore Pumps