Household pumps

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Knowing exactly which pump is best suited for your household can be a bit daunting at first

It is possible to get a better quality pump at a better price if you know what to look for, and we can help with that

Running cost

Or also called pump efficiency is important because it lets you know the long term cost of owning a pump. For example better technology in quality pumps will cost less in power to run and therefore will be costing less over a period of time. Cheaper pumps will cost more to run and therefore will end up more expensive over a period of time. All of this is going to be more relevant when the pump is going to be used often.


Or sound coming from a running pump is a common issue between neighbours, especially in housing communities where the houses or units are fairly close to each other. As a rule of thumb, most of the cheaper pumps will make louder noise when running compared to the higher quality pumps available. Look at the CME Booster, very quiet & Variable speed that adjust to demand or the CM Boosters, also very quiet

Rainwater to House & Garden

Sure, call us and we can help with this, we will have a pump that will fit in with what you need as there are many quality options and price points available. Check out the SCALA2 which is a great all rounder that fits with most situations. It is user friendly, energy efficient and easy to install

Sump Pumps

These drainage pumps are portable, can be set to automatic and handy when you need to

  • clean out a pond
  • empty a pool
  • empty a cellar of water 
  • moving storm water 

Ground water Bore Pumps

Installed into a well or bore hole under ground bore pumps help utilise existing ground water and can be shallow or deep

Household pumps