Irrigation Controllers

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Discover Smarter Watering Technology

We stock a variety of quality controllers and timers incorporating simple user friendly operation to turn your irrigation system on and off automatically

We can also give advice and help you to set your controller to water the right amount for beautiful lawns and gardens

Irrigation Works are experts in automation of Vineyards and commercial Landscape irrigation systems

Save time and water

Automatic Irrigation Controllers save time and water and create the exact watering application that you require.

It is not necessary to physically go out and turn on a tap or open valves as this can be done automatically. 

Remembering to turn taps off can be a big problem as sometimes its not until you see a flooding area that you realize that you've forgotten.

Setting the irrigation system run time (ie. 6am) and the time to run (ie. 1hour) will give the plants constant watering. The difference in the health of plants that are watered on a constant basis is impressive. 

Systems can be controlled from a mobile phone or computer and can also be connected to soil moisture sensors. If watering is not needed due to rain this can easily be controlled via phone/computer/tablet or at the controller

Watering a vineyard or while away on holidays or watering a garden at a holiday house is simply done through a program installed within the controller

Types of Irrigation Controllers

 - Manual controllers or Tap Timers  are also very handy for those who are forgetful and leave the hose running. Many times customers will tell us how they left the hose in the pool until it had overflowed

 - Domestic Irrigation Controllers connect via solenoids installed into a valve box and are connected to a power source. These controllers come in 2 station models up to 12 station models. This means you can have up to 12 different lawn and or garden sections programmed to come on at separate times. 

 - Commercial Controllers used in vineyards, orchards, agriculture, golf courses, parks and gardens are a bit more complicated and professional consultation is needed to customize this type of controller 

Irrigation Controllers