Drip Irrigation

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What is the best drip irrigation?

Netafim leads the world in sustainable irrigation technology solutions after all they pioneered the worlds first drip irrigation system 52 years ago and continue innovation through research and development together with vineyard owners, growers and researchers.

Netafim offer advanced drip irrigation solutions for viticulture and agriculture that are designed to reduce water expense and also reduce unwanted weeds and vegetation growth while at the same time increasing yield quality and consistent wine vintages.

Irrigation Works has over 25 years of experience as a Netafim dealer building drip irrigation systems in South Australia Barossa and Clare regions.

Our helpful sales team give professional advice and service to customers looking to install a new drip irrigation system including all components required. We also assist you with updating an older irrigation system and/or any components.

Above ground drip irrigation system vs below ground 

Of all irrigation methods, sub-surface or below ground drip irrigation helps to achieve the highest yields and the best water usage. 

Looking to replace drip lines

Upgrading and replacing old inefficient drip tube in agriculture is part of the maintenance cycle and presents an opportunity to invest in more efficient up to date technology. 

Need a design done? Call the professionals for a quote today

The first step in agricultural and vineyard irrigation system planning is to get a design done, the design sets out the hydraulic parameters for the system this will then act as a blue print for the installation and is also used to create a quotation.

Discounts on bulk drip irrigation orders

Drip Irrigation