Sprinkler Systems

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Pop-Up   Impact  Gear Driven  Specialist Applications

Sprinkler systems can be controlled to cover a very small or a very large area, arranged according to a plan, we can design a system that will cover the area that you require

Sprinklers come in many different sizes and models and quality

Our friendly team can help you to choose the best sprinkler for your garden or landscape

Good water use and efficiency will lead to a cost effective system. MP Rotators for example use less water due to the size of the water droplets, having a larger water droplet means less spray that blows away in the wind

MP Rotator - Proven water saver

Send us your plans and your water flow rate and we can put together a system to suit your needs

To get a flow rate 

  • Remove all fittings from a tap including hoses etc and turn the tap on full force
  • Collect the water into a household bucket under the tap, take note of the time it takes to fill the bucket
  • Note the size of the bucket and bring the information into us
Sprinkler Systems