Hose Clamps

Norma Cobra Clamps are the original and best

Used for Irrigation connections among many other uses they have proven to be relied upon for quality and longevity. There are many copies of cobra clamps out on the market now so choose the best for peace of mind because a lot of connections means a lot of labour to install and doing this more often than necessary is a costly exercise.

Cobra clamps are sold online in boxes of 100 but can be supplied in carton qty if required. Call us for a quote. We sell them singularly in the store as well.

Cobra Clamps Adelaide, South Australia, Barossa Valley, Clare

Clamps or Clips sizes suited for Netafim Drip Tube or drip line

C15/8 cobra clip - Netafim blank 13mm poly pipe and fittings

C16/8 cobra clip - Netafim 16mm dripper tube and fittings

C21/8 cobra clip - Netafim blank 19mm poly pipe and fittings

C27/8 cobra clip - 25mm dripper tube and fittings

Hose Clamps

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